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  • 0.45.3

    - Gun turrets aiming fixed on several helicopters (Mi-24V, AH-64D), some other weapon minor aiming issues fixed
    - Fixed some problems with networking during auto mode of door gunners
    - For all door gunners with 7.62mm guns now shoot for 3 seconds and cooldown for 0.5 seconds after that
    - Door gunners now dont lose target till 400-500 meters away from it
    - Size of helicopter now has effect on ground turret accuracy, the smaller the size the less accurate it is
    - Patch and event information panel on login screen changed
    - New sounds for fast radio commands (F2-F7 or through radio menu ` be default)
    - Further fixes to vehicle stucking problem and vehicle issues
    - Tanks on Nguyen map now have exactly the same collider
    - Tanks on Nguyen map now have preffered positions when capturing Landing Zones, not random position as before (this is experiment, will be continued to other maps if successful)
    - All soldiers are now spotted by vehicles from smaller distance (150m instead of 300m as before)
    - RPG soldier is a bit more accurate now
    - All IR missiles are faster now, but with lower turnrate
    - IR missiles aim now allow for wider lock angle after missile is locked so you are able to launch missile ahead or behind the enemy
    - IR missile detonator is made similar to real version - there's not only hit detonator, but also proximity detonator (which will only work on locked targets at the moment, not on all possible targets)
    - Flares now effect each missile individually, not together, as before, chance to fool the missile is 50% for longer distances and 75% for shorter
    - If a flare spoofs a missile - it will not explode at the flares position as before, but will proceed to fly its course - so you need not only to flare a missile, but also to maneuver out of its way
    - Manpads sitting next to each other (closer then 30 meters) will not launch missiles simultaneusly, the now launch with at least 2 second delay
    - Improvements to netcode related to packet size and packet frequency, also some changes in lag compensationn
    - Some small optimizations
    - New helicopter - Yak-24

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    Great, I'm going to try out new heli


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      Thank you so much !! That new Yak 24 is fantastic regarding the troops it can load, but frightening concerning its armament, and easy to kill lol
      It will hard stuff to master this munster, but I really like it a lot !!! Thanks to this chopper, teamplay really makes sense !!!



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        Great to hear it!