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Team JetCat joins the Klabater Family!

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  • Team JetCat joins the Klabater Family!

    Pilots! Today, we'd like to announce that Team JetCat is now officially joining the Klabater Family! Klabater is an up and coming indie publishing house based out of Poland.

    Please see Klabater's website for additional information as well as a listing of the tittles that they're currently working with. We are proud to join this new Family and we look forward to the future.

    Now, as we move on pilots, I'd like to answer what I assume is going to be the biggest question regarding our joining the Klabater Family. The question being, "What's this doing for JetCat and Heliborne?" The answer to that, is a great deal. Klabater will be assisting team JetCat with funding, helping us to expand our team and the overall scope of Heliborne.

    With that, I'd like to share a new Trailer, courtesy of our new friends at Klabater.

    The future is bright pilots! We have a lot planned for you and the Klabater Team is just as dedicate as we are, to provide you with the best rotary aviation and helicopter combat game on the market. We thank you for all your support over this last year. We would not have made it this far without you.

    Please be sure to direct any questions to the steam discussion boards, or our forums at

    One last note, Team JetCat will be with Klabater at PAX East in Boston! We'll be there all days, from March 10th to March 12th at Klabater's booth, #22115. Please drop by and see us!

    Team JetCat