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Version 0.46.1 "Higher Elevation" is now live!

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  • Version 0.46.1 "Higher Elevation" is now live!

    Greetings pilots! It's been a wait,and for that, we'd like to apologize. However, I'd like to think the wait was well worth it. Welcome to version 0.46.1!

    -Support for all major gamepads has been added. This includes PS4, XBOX One and Steam Gamepads. Settings can be changed via new settings tab.

    -Support for Joysticks and HOTAS set ups has been added. Kebybinding and calibration settings can be accessed via a new settings tab.

    Pilots, please keep in mind this is a first pass for these new controls and there may be issues. Also, default keybinds may be wrong. Please give us feedback.

    Please note that custom settings will be discarded and you will need to setup your own custom controls again.

    -Added new control scheme. There is now a simple and advanced mode.

    -Control UI has been reworked.
    -Settings UI while in the hangar has been reworked.
    -A slider to control hangar music has been added

    Gameplay and Balance
    -Added ballistics pass to all weapons. Bullets now loose height and velocity over distance.
    -Travel distance for larger caliber weapon has been increased.
    -Several Weapon sounds have been changed
    -All weapons now have a maximum amount of ammunition as well as a reload timer after all ammunition has been spent.
    -The 2A42 weapon system is now 9 rounds per second instead of 18. Overall damage output is roughly the same.
    -GSh-2-30K weapon system is now firing at 30 rounds per second.
    -Gun aim has been reworked.
    -"Crosshair Jumping" has been fixed.
    -Ground vehicles now have front, side, back, and top armor values. Each vehicle has its own independent parameters. Tanks are now very heavily armored compared to IFV's and APC's.
    -All bullets now have armor penetration values based on caliber.

    As a result of the above changes, it is now no longer possible to damage a tank with 7.62 or 12.7mm weapon systems. Causing damage from the sides, rear, or top is now possible with larger caliber weapons but the damage will still be reduced due to heavy armor.

    -AA Gun precision has been slightly increased
    -Helicopters with optical systems now have a turret "precision mode" - This is toggalable from cockpit view with Keybind "F" by default.
    -Current weapon is now shown on HUD.
    -Current and Maximum zoom for cockpit view and ATGM view is now shown on HUD.
    -Minor changes in flight parameters for almost all helicopters.
    -Changes in audio volume and sound effects when in cockpit modes.

    Heliborne is now 64bit enabled!
    Steam will automatically download a new 64bit version of the game with this patch and should automatically download the 64bit version in the future.

    Thanks pilots! We hope you enjoy this update! -Rayne
    Team JetCat

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    Seems nice. However the GSh-2-30 is a death ray.. hard to play against since 30m callibers have now longer range.
    US helis really feel weaker, and also they loose way more often than RU.
    Ask how the players feel about the balance, but it is apparently RU>US due to gunships