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  • patch 0.48

    Greetings pilots! Time for another Patch. Today we are pushing out version 0.48 with a new experimental game mode, some quality of life changes, and several balance and gameplay tweaks. Take a look!

    Frontlines Experimental
    A new Experimental Frontline game mode has been added for the following 3 maps - Nguyen, Khost, and Kosovo. This experimental mode requires capturing Landing Zones to 100% and reinforcing the LZ with vehicles before it can spawn attack convoys. 100% captured and reinforced LZ’s now spawn attack convoys faster than in the normal frontlines mode and also provide repair and resupply to any helicopter landed in the LZ’s area of influence.

    • RPG soldier cost is down to 5 points
    • MANPAD cost is up to 15 points
    • MANPAD soldiers are now able to launch 3 missiles, up from 2
    • All MANPAD-launched missiles now have a misfire chance of 40% on
    • Generation 1, 30% on Generation 2, 20% on Generation 3, 10% on Generation 4
    • All air launched IR missiles now have similar misfire chance of 20%/15%/10%/5% per Generation 1/2/3/4
    • IRCM miss chances are increased to 60% for missiles on distances greater then 250 meters and 82% on 250 meters and less
    • Several changes to helicopter costs for squadrons have been made. The top armament variant costs are the same, baring the AH-1J Sidewinder variant - its cost has been increased. Most of the changes have been made to intermediate variants so they better represent actual armament and allow for more options when choosing non-top tier helicopters for your squadrons.
    • Hovering over your rank in top-left corner of main menu now shows your progress to next rank.
    • Awards tab in Career now shows all possible awards, not only ones you have at the moment
    • Several award criterias have been adjusted so they are easier to get. Mostly the awards that have seen no player earn, despite being designed for players to earn regularly.
    • Points received for air kills are now related to the weapon type used: guns award the most points, rockets award less, and missiles (both ATGM and IR) award the least of all weapon systems.
    • Awards given for air to air kills (the Air combat master series) now give additional points upon being earned. As normal, the points for the awards themselves assist with rank progression.
    • Awards for air kills now require more kills (15 20 30)
    • All officer rank requirements have been increased by 30%.
    • Several helicopter’s landing collider modules have been fixed to prevent sudden explosion upon landing.
    • Modern high-caliber rockets (130mm S-13 and 127mm Zuni) damage output has been increased. Now they can destroy light armored vehicle with one direct hit
    • “V-sync for hangar” option has been added to Graphic settings
    • Several helicopter’s flight parameters have been adjusted (Mi-2 and Ka-25 made slightly more agile, AH-1Z loses more altitude when in a dive)
    • Spotting targets with recon helicopter now marks them for 50 seconds