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Heliborne version 0.5 - PVE is here!

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  • Heliborne version 0.5 - PVE is here!

    Pilots! It's finally here! The ability for you to play Heliborne in Single-Player and CO-OP in pure PVE has finally arrived! It's taken us a long time to get here and for that, we're sorry, but we think this first step in to SP/COOP is a good one and we hope you agree.

    We've also added the ability to test and fly any helicopter in the game from the squadron tab or the hangar tab. This will take you to the new training map that will allow you the chance to experiment with all of our helos before heading in to MP-PVP.

    We're pretty proud of this update, and we hope you are as well!
    Team JetCat

    Version 0.5
    • Two new singleplayer/cooperative sandbox missions have been added. Right now both of these missions are based on the frontline scenario and have up to 9 different types of tasks that can be issued while playing. We are very much looking for feedback with these missions and we are planning to add new types of tasks in next several weeks. (Ex: rescue and evacuation, infiltration, covert action, etc). Also we want to add one or two new types of scenarios for sandbox missions - for example counter-insurgency scenario and attack scenario. But that depends on your feedback and on how it aligns with our release plans (we are not currently planning to add all of our sandbox singleplayer content before release)
    • Training flight mode added - You can try out helicopters from the Hangar tab, and the squadron tab, without joining a battle. The Minimap will show you the location of the shooting range. This ranges has some targets, and is a “free fire” area.
    • The Ka-226 russian light multirole helicopter has been added, and has been placed in recon the role at tier 4. This helicopter does not have any armament outside artillery aim, however, it does have door gunners which work only when there are at least 2 soldiers on board
    • The HH-53 US heavy transport has been added to tiers 2, 3, and 4. The HH-53 Does not have any armament besides door gunners, which come in 2 armament variants - miniguns and .50 cal’s
    • The ACH-47 has been made into a gunship. The “Guns A Go Go” version of the helicopter is intended to clear and secure Landing Zones, the amount of troopers inside has been lowered to 10 men and 2 additional door gunners have been added.
    • The AH-1J has been moved to generation 3, squadron prices have changed for this helicopter
    • Squadron prices slightly (no big changes) adjusted for 10-15 helicopter variants (mostly intermediate variants to make them more useful)
    • Several flight parameters have been changed or updated, this mostly affects light helicopters, making them more agile and responsive.
    • The 20mm gun on H-34, ACH-47, IAR 330L and UH-1Y split into the M24 and GIAT M621 variants, each with different characteristics.
    • The NS-23KM (Mi-2 gun) has been given better explosive rounds.
    • All 30mm and 20mm explosive rounds have had their area of effect slightly rescaled to make more sense.
    • The GSH-2-30K has been given a burst cooldown if more than 50 rounds are fired repeatedly.
    • Look Around (right mouse button by default) mechanics have changed.When pressing the look around mode button (default right mouse button) the players helicopter no longer maintains the last ordered course. Instead, the helicopter will maintain a course that will be between current and last ordered course. Practically this means that to circle around some positions, you now simply need to press Look Around for a few moments every several seconds. This was done to improve circling abilities and door gunner handling
    • You can now make the Look Around function work as a toggle, rather then “while button is pressed”, go to Settings - General - Look Around Toggle
    • When door gunners are selected they switch to manual control mode automatically (you can switch them back to Auto with Change mode button, F by default), when deselected they switch back to to auto control mode.
    • All Air-to-Air missile blast damage (manpad included) now goes from 100% in center to 50% on the edge (before that it was 0% on the edge). This means that bigger helicopters will take as much damage as smaller helicopters
    • The R-60 and AIM-9 missiles have had their aiming time increased by 50%
    • Fixed a bug when your own ATGM or heat seeker missile could hit you on launch, also ATGMs and heat seeker missiles now start with current helicopter speed.
    • AA missile locking time now include additional time for helicopter sizes (the smaller your helicopter is - the longer it takes to lock onto it) and additional time if the target is flying close to the ground. The closer the target is to the ground - the longer it takes to lock on, this starts from 45 meters of radar indicated height above the ground.

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    PvE is pretty much fun. Keep up the good work!


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      [h1]Heliborne Version 0.51 Patch Notes[/h1]
      • Singleplayer sandbox difficulty settings have been updated slightly. A new “Very Hard” mode has been added.
      • Sandbox settings - amount of concurrent objectives can be set, from 1 up to 6.
      • Sandbox settings - amount of total objectives to win can be set, from 5 till full battle win.
      • Sandbox settings - hardcore mode has been added. In this mode there are much fewer visual assists and aides. You are unable to see where enemy units are or where your troops are. Several HUD components are reduced or disabled outright.
      • Sandbox missions have had several improvements in task logic, we will continue to work on more types of tasks and sandbox scenarios and will be adding them in next several weeks.
      • Sandbox enemy infantry is updated.
      • Sandbox task UI improved.
      • 5 new language translations have been added - polish, german, french, portuguese (fully translated, not like before) and danish (will be updated)
      • ACH-47 door gunners all have .50 cals now.
      • HH-53 landing triggers slightly adjusted to further prevent crash on landing.
      • Aerodrome map visual changes - rotating radar, skidmarks, detail quality to prevent micro-freezes.
      • AH-1G, OH-6, Scout AH Mk 1 and UH-1D visual update to rocket launcher blocks.
      • Mi-24A new armament variant called Mi-24B with YakB-12.7 gun.
      • AH-1G new armament variant with 4 rocket launchers.
      • Fixed problem with team points in multiplayer frontline mode.
      • Frontline experimental mode has been removed, several parts of that mode have been rolled into the regular frontline mode.
      • We are adding additional armament for several helicopters, in this patch the Ka-50 and Ka-52 have been given additional armament types.


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        [h1]Version 0.51.1[/h1]
        • Several logic problems and bugs have been fixed in single player and coop sandbox missions. The hold LZ and stop attack mission will fail if you lose LZ to enemy control before timer expires. The support convoy mission is failed as soon as you lose all vehicles you were supposed to support. The stop convoy mission is failed if the convoy reaches its destination. We are continuing to work on new tasks, new scenarios and missions and more maps.
        • AH-64A, Mi-28, Mi-28N all have been given 1 additional armament option. We are working on several new armament options for different helicopters, these options will be rolled out over the coming weeks.
        • A lot of price changes for helicopters in Generation 1. These changes probably will not affect your Generation 1 squadrons, but could very much affect your mixed Gen1-2 squadrons
        • There have been slight price changes for several helicopters, (mainly those armament options which were just added)notable changes: AH-1G 2nd and 3rd armament price has been raised slightly. The Mi-8T-TV price for 3 and 4th armament has been slightly lowered.
        • Slight polishing of flight parameters for several helicopters - most notable is HH-53 which will not be as fast as before, (still will be pretty fast, but on par with other transports), HH-53 flight acceleration is more reliant on controlling nose pitch.
        • Falanga ATGM rotation amplitude and frequency decreased to make it more useful and accurate.
        • TOW-2 ATGM added for AH-1S 2nd and 3rd armaments (AH-1F version) and MD-500
        • We’ve made several price changes to helicopters in generation 1. This change will most likely not affect the setup of most gen 1 squadrons, but may affect mixed gen 1 and 2 squadrons.