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Version 0.52 and a Recap!

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  • Version 0.52 and a Recap!

    Hey, Pilots! It's time for another update — 0.52. But we also want to use your attention to summarize what we did in the latest updates and what we are going to include in the release version of Heliborne. Let's roll!


    Singleplayer/Cooperative mode
    Several sandbox-missions with procedurally generated tasks. This mode is available for 1–4 players (max number of players will be increased) on Operation “Nguyen Hue”, Kosovo, The Gulf of Tonkin, and Badakhshan Province game scenarios (the list will be expanded).

    [h1]Rank & Awards System[/h1]
    We’ve implemented to Heliborne private players profiles and rank & awards system. Every effective action in battle lead to progression within rank ladder. Combat merits are awarded with medals and ribbons. Selected awards may be put to the profile, its public part is visible to other players.
    This is the first big step towards progression system and rating system with leaderboards.

    [h1]Cosmetic items[/h1]
    Helmets and patches. They are shown in player profiles and act as avatars. Helmets and patches can randomly drop after the battle, or for participating at in-game events.

    [h1]Firing range map[/h1]
    Highly and precisely detailed map of real military aviation polygon — 344th Tactical Deployment Center in Torzhok. It was modelled according to satellite data, photos and videos.
    You can start practice flight straight from the hangar or squadrons menu. Hangar is a part of polygon map, so the flight would start almost immediately and from the same location.
    Training mission is in the development, and would take place on the same map. We would continue improving the map, adding more training possibilities and even special game mode.

    [h1]Apart from that we added:[/h1]
    • New helicopters, including MD-500, Ka-226, HH-53.[/*]
    • Gamepad/joystick/HOTAS support. Popular devices received ready-to-go control configurations, but you can connect literally any device (up to 4 simultaneously). [/*]
    • Advanced control scheme. For those who want to receive highest possible control under helicopter.[/*]
    • Steam Trading Cards. Six cards featuring legendary helicopters. [/*]
    • Badges, profile backgrounds, emoticons. Collect trading cards, create badges and get Heliborne emoticons together with backgrounds to customize your Steam profile.[/*]
    • New localizations. Currently Heliborne supports English, Russian, German, French, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, and Danish languages.[/*]

    [h1]PLANS FOR RELEASE[/h1]
    Part of them will be implemented within Early Access, the other part — in release version of the game.

    [h1]Historical campaigns[/h1]
    Release version of the game will include two singleplayer historical campaigns: Easter Offensive in Vietnam (1972) and Operation Magistral in Afghanistan (1987–1988). They will feature some unique in-game mechanics we’ve prepared especially for them.

    [h1]Career with tech tree[/h1]
    Heliborne is going to get progression system with tech tree, divided by different helicopter producers. Players would need to unlock new helicopters using Experience Points earned in battles. Main goal is to gradually introduce player to the game and its mechanics and to motivate players to give different helicopters a try. But do not worry — progression will be pretty fast and definitely not grind F2P style shaped.
    ATTENTION! When progression system is introduced, players will be rewarded with certain amount of Experience Points. This amount depends on a rank: the higher you have, the more points you will receive.

    [h1]Further improvements of Singleplayer/Cooperative mode[/h1]
    We actively work to improve the sandbox mode. As it advances, new types of objectives (e.g. medevac missions), new types of enemies, ability to choose intensity of a battle, and even sandbox-campaigns will be implemented.
    Moreover, singleplayer missions will be playable in Offline Mode, without network connection!

    [h1]Heliborne will also feature:[/h1]
    • Experimental Night Mode. Night version of one of the maps is almost ready!
    • Multiplayer mode improvements.
    • Flight model improvements.
    • Modular damage system.
    • New helicopters.
    • Detailed tactical map.
    • Transport of external load and fast-roping for soldiers.
    • Steam Workshop support. Selected user-created content will be added to the game if approved by Team JetCat.
    • Tutorials. Gameplay tutorial missions on the Firing range map.
    • In-game VoIP-chat (based on Discord SDK).
    • Unique gifts to everyone who has supported us during Early Access!

    [h1]HELIBORNE 0.52 CHANGELOG:[/h1]
    • 2 new sandbox missions on maps of generation 1 and generation 3.
    • Several new types of sandbox objectives.
    • Several logic and positioning improvements for sandbox missions.
    • 2 new types of enemy infantry for sandbox missions have been added.
    • The UH-60L helicopter has been split into 2 separate helicopter models - MH-60L and UH-60A. The first model, the MH-60L, is an armed version with 4 armament variants without troop-carrying capability. This moel starts with the DAP model, which is a previously non-existent version, followed by 3 AH-60L variants we already had. This model has been given forward facing miniguns for all armament options. The second model is a pure transport UH-60A with 3 door gunner armament options.
    • Mi-8MTV has been given an additional door gunner in the back part of the cargo hold. New first armament option is now armed only with 2 rocket launchers and cockpit gun. Third armament option has two automatic grenade launchers instead of 2 rocket pods.
    • Both of the grenade launchers, 30mm one for RU side and 40mm one for US side have been changed: ammo flight trajectory is now shallower and the weapon is easier to aim and operate.
    • UH-1Y has been given an additional armament option with 2 rocket pods on each side.
    • MH-60S now has addtional forward pointing miniguns for all armament options. There is also an additional armament option with 2 rocket pods on each side.
    • Added a door gunner on the Mi-8T.
    • Mi-8AMTSH has been given an additional rear door gunner. And two new armament options - first with only 2 gunpods and fourth heavily armed option. Also AMTSH gunner from 2nd to 4th armament options are 12.7mm machinegunners now.
    • Squadron prices for all helicopters mentioned above rescaled, some changes to other helicopter prices.
    • Heat seeker missile locking time parameters and locking sector parameters have been rescaled a bit, it should take less time to aquire a lock for both smaller and larger missiles.
    • Fixed a bug with the frontline game mode where you could not win despite your armor capturing enemy stronghold.
    • Fixed a bug in the advanced control scheme related to inability to use mouse to look around.
    • Added setting to change mouse role in advanced control scheme.
    • Added a setting to enable/disable helicopter names near helicopter type icons in combat HUD.
    • Several helicopter texture fixes have been applied.
    [h1]Team JetCat[/h1]
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    • Fixed several bugs related to the objective and Victory screens in coop play. (thanks for your reports)
    • Fixed a bug with camera turning upside down in some cases. (thanks for your reports)
    • Several small changes in certain enemy positions in Nguyen and Badahshan single/coop missions.
    • The Door gunner description in the armament section now shows the weapon they are using.
    • Door gunners will now identify and aim at AA positions from a farther distance away from the target. This targeting and engagement distance is farther than the normal targeting and engagement distance for soliders.
    • Manpad soldiers no longer have a ~1.5 second period of ignoring flares after acquiring a target.
    • 5 favourite awards now can be shown in profile (previously it was up to 4)
    • Password-protected coop games now award points and cosmetic items.
    • Added ground frag messages in password-protected games.
    • Showing HUD picture in first person view is now an option you can enable in Settings - General
    • New settings for camera tilt in third person view in Settings - General