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  • Operation Charity Key

    Greetings pilots! Rayne here with an update on this weeks scheduled live stream event. Instead of a normal live stream, we'll be doing something a bit special. What is that you might ask?

    Operation Charity Key
    Operation Charity Key is the name we've given to the largest give away of heliborne key's we've done yet. If you, or a friend, have any interest in playing heliborne, or know anyone that has us on their wishlist? Please tell them to join us Saturday at 1200hrs (Noon) on During the duration of Operation Charity Key, I will be giving away keys to Heliborne every 15 minutes. So spread the news!

    Here's the info again just incase,
    1. Where:
    2. When: Saturday the 10th of September 2016
    3. Time: 1200hrs (noon) EDT / 0900hrs PDT
    Time Zone Converter:

    We look forward to seeing you all there for the Event!
    Team JetCat
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