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Stream info for the 1st week of october

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  • Stream info for the 1st week of october

    Greetings Pilots! Just a quick update about our stream plans this week.

    We'll be live streaming on the following days,
    Wednesday - 1200EDT/1800CEST US/EU
    Thursday - 1800CEST RU
    Saturday - 1200EDT/1800CEST US/EU

    Stream Location:

    Time Zone Converter -

    On Saturday's stream we'll have Raman Ulasau, one of the Co-Founders of JetCat Games on for an interview during gameplay. So, come hang out with us there and get the inside info on how it all started!

    Team JetCat

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    Originally posted by Jasp
    That's nice stuff! Who is Raman Ulasau? Itold, Kastus, Mindoug?
    It's KastuĊ›


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      Originally posted by Jasp
      • itold : @Jetcatgames, eventually we will do that random map/scenario related events on map, which you need to participiate in some way to trigger
      • itold : @Jetcatgames, for example - random infiltration zone close to certain LZ, where you need to deliver troopers without being spotted
      Found in chat, didn't watch the whole stream again so i don't know what anthony/rayne said. very interesting! Because it's random I imagine you get the feel that someone in the headquarter makes a decision and you as transport pilot are given orders.

      Yeah, creating "field of battle immersion" is one of our main goals, we will be working on it as soon as we will finish core-gameplay features.


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        +1 Jasp !!!! I agree with all you have wrote here ;o)

        Idea maybe : Would it be possible to have more points and 1 more place for the squadron ? I mean, it would be great to have at least 1 reco helo (mortar observer) + 1 transport (troops and mortars) + 1 attack helicopter (a few troops)... And when eventually medevac will come it would be nice to have the possibility to add it into your squadron, instead of making a specific squadron for each game if you have only 550 points limit (I mean 1 squadron for mortars, troops and observer, another one for medevac, another one for AA and dogfights...).


        First of all thanks for the gift, I will send you an email soon ;o)
        I would like to thank all the people involved in this game (from investors to devs without forgetting the fair community)

        I am happy to know the big update will come soon, it is amazing to see how quickly you are updating this game.
        More over that is nice to see transports approaching.

        - About realistic loadouts: that is how i see the game: accurate and realistic. So IMO it is a very good news !
        - Concerning CSAR, and SAR missions (hell, that is why the helos have been designed for and used), I would really love to see it implemented in the game.
        - Regarding specific missions (points, bases) on maps that you need to capture or defend, (it has been suggested by some users with very good posts already), I am happy to see you consider this idea. Please continue to let us know your progress ;o)
        - NV, FLIR... it would be awesome !!!! Like CSAR/SAR a scenario (you select your map, and then check a box to create a CSAR scenario on it so you could play on every map... I know for coding it might be a little bit challenging, but IMHO it would be nice) or a specific map would be great.
        - Door gunners update: coool !
        - New menu with Mig21s and F4s, and test map: FANTASTIC !!!
        - Radio messages: +10000000000 !!! EPIC !!!!
        Perhaps if you succeed Jasp's Gouranga Achievment you could listen the Valkyries during a few seconds and feel like you are Colonel Kilgore hahaha !!! "Shall we dance..."

        Last edited by LeBigTed; 10-16-2016, 02:51 PM. Reason: I have seen the twitch, here comes my feeling about it ;o)


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          Jeez, I really wish I had time for these streams, it seems lots of interesting stuff is being shown off.


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            You are on point with your thoughts about medevac Jasp. Our current considerations are:
            - Dedicated medevac helicopters probably will make the medevac gameplay too boring, so we need the ability for every medevac-able helicopter to be either always suited for medevac mission or have the special kind of soldier - combat medic team - on board to perform a medevac mission.
            - Amount of possible medevac missions should in some way relate to what other players do, to what happens on the battlefield. For example, if someone dived nose down into the ground - probably there are no medevac mission, if someone somewhat succesfully crash-landed - probably there should be a medevac mission. Medevac mission shouldnt be spawned inside enemy positions - only on outskirts of battle, or behind the enemy lines (which is more dangerous), or inside your positions (which is easy).
            - Reward for and effect of medevac mission should be significant. You'll be doing something risky and also going out of your way to do it. And the player, whose pilots or soldiers you are "rescuing" should also do something complex in order to spawn an medevac mission. Like fly as far from enemy as possible and dont destroy yourself on crash-landing.


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              Originally posted by Nixod321 View Post
              Jeez, I really wish I had time for these streams, it seems lots of interesting stuff is being shown off.
              Even if you miss live streams you can watch them later on our Twitch channel, they are always being recorded and available for some time in Past Broadcasts section.