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  • Operation Artful Eye

    Greetings Pilots!

    I'd like to take some time today to talk about our next contest event entitled, "Operation Artful Eye." What is Operation Artful Eye you ask? The title should just about say it all, but this operation is about finding that battlefield phtographer in all of us. Let's get to the details shall we?

    Name: Operation Artful Eye
    When: From 1300EDT 08OCT2016 to 1200EDT 15OCT2016

    During this event we are asking you to take the best screenshots you can! Mind you, we'd like to see the best artistic screenshots possible and that means using the F9 key on your keyboard, in-game, to turn the UI off entirely. We will only be allowing one screenshot entry per person, and multiple entries will not be counted. Spaming entries will also disqualify you out right. During our live stream on the 15th we will announce the winners. This will be a slightly larger contest than before as we'll be picking a total of Five winners from the pool of screenshots.

    The Prizes will be the following,
    1 Teeshirt of your size and helicopter nation choice
    1 Key to Heliborne to give away as you choose
    1 glossed small print of our upcoming steam trading card artwork by our lead artist and Several stickers for giggles as well,

    Also, we'll be taking your questions during this event for an interview with Raman Ulasau, the Creative Directior for Heliborne and JetCat Games. He'll be on stream next week to help me showcase the upcoming hangar UI changes as well as to answer your questions. As a note, please include your question with your email containing your screenshot, and just because you don't win doesn't mean we wont include your question in the QA on the 15th.

    Finally, please send all entries to this email:

    Thanks pilots and fly safe!