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PVE? Could it be?

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  • PVE? Could it be?

    It very well could be. Pilots, we need your wishlists and feedback on PVE in Heliborne. What do you want to see? How do you want to play it? Let us know!
    -Rayne TJC

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    It would add more of point to the game as people just go for kills in pvp and with a pve it adds more point to transports and attack helis could support ai ground forces and transports.
    A cool thing to add would be a PVE&P like global ops in armoured warfare which has really been taken well by the community.


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      I agree. My favorite part of the game is dropping off troops and gaining FOBs .

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    For me the ideal PVE experience would be for 1-5 players with semi-realistic missions with both realistic and unrealistic settings. I.E. Special Forces insertions in Mogadishu or Gunship support in the Fulda Gap. The missions should also be smart enough to account for the different helo types, so not giving Gunship missions to transports, or transport missions to scouts; as well as accounting for mixed-makeup squads. One possible way to do this would be to have helo selection come after mission selection/matchmaking, and to only allow helos of certain types and/or eras depending on the mission.

    In the perfect world we'd also get cooperative dynamic campaigns, but that might be asking a little much.


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      -VIP PROTECTION: You will need to protect a special chopper (I know politicans can use special very luxous choppers to fly from a city to another one, we all know Air Force 1, and the US President Chopper, but I am sure European politicans use the same things). The idea here is to protect the VIP (an unarmed heli), which could also be a MEDEVAC (ie the Dust-Off Missions during Vietnam war). Of course the VIP chopper would be a specific helicopter (I mean specific version, ie UH Medevac who had no guns) with a specific recognizable skin. It might be nice to try to shoot at the president lol Moreover during events, you should be able to modify the VIP's skin...


      Yes you read it. It would be nice to have the possibility to land helis on sea. It would be nice to get amphibious choppers, and thus to get the possibility to land on sea, to rescue somebody in exemple (some kind of VIP mission: escort the amphibious chopper, it lands on a specific area on sea where the rescue takes place, and go back home as a VIP). It might also be a Search and Rescue mission : a civilian plane has crashed on sea, find it ASAP and pick up survivors. The most time you get to find it, the less survivors you will have a chance to save. This map should be edited with good or poor meteo conditions (that will have a consequence on visibility) and that will make it easier or harder ;o)
      We can find other exemples of missions, but landing there would be nice ;o)

      A tsunami has destroyed a big city. You should search survivors. The guy who picks up the most of them win the game.

      The map is on fire, search water, take it, and throw it on the flames !!!

      SAR (Search And Rescue)
      You might Search on the map an ejected pilot (maybe little smoke or just the guy on the ground), once located, pick it up and return to base. A lot of troops (MANPADS, troops with 7,62mm like Aks everywhere trying to kill you) on the map, then you need team play to cover your helos and destroy ennemies. Of course some tanks might search the pilot and they could search him and you need to find him before them ;o)

      A base has been surrounded, guys are fighting on the ground, but some wounded need to be evacuated. Helos might fights the ennemy troops to help the surrounded troops, while 1 EVASAN (no weapons) should land, pick the wounded, and take off ASAP and under fire... Then that helo should go back home, and lot of troops (Ak's and MANPADS everywhere). Some kind of Vietnam stuff here ;o)

      Those 3 PVE would really make me happy ;o)
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        Something like we have now but modified into PvE. Complete map domination. Progressing towards enemy main base by helping ground troops. Supporting convoys with gunships, doing recon with scout helicopters, EVAC, Instertions and supply runs with transport helis, leading spearhead with attack choppers,... Trying to make adaptable enemies. Not just plain bots that will move from A to B no matter what. As the conflict progress more FOBs apear around the map and they have to be protected and supplied. Crash site of an transport airplane or attacked convoy needs to be protected by gunships and attack helis while transports do an EVAC operation. While and major attack is held on an nmy establishment and different troops need reinforcement (because they lost their numbers) they place green smoke on their position an transport helo gets the massage to deliver additional troops to their location.

        This has so many potential. It could be a sandbox type of game where anything is possible.


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          I like what you have written _elChupacabra_

          Your post made me thought to a thing that iTold like very much: some missions that appear from time to time and are able to be achieved during a short time, and thus you could earn more points, xp...

          Originally posted by _elChupacabra_
          As the conflict progress more FOBs apear around the map and they have to be protected and supplied. Crash site of an transport airplane or attacked convoy needs to be protected by gunships and attack helis while transports do an EVAC operation.
          Then while playing PvE on the map, trying to cover convoys, attack and defend bases... new objectives could appear: "a friendly plane was shot down over that place, go and try to find the pilots and rescue them" / "Pick up some Spec Forces and insert them behind frontlines" etc...

          Ted ;o)


          • _elChupacabra_
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            My thoughts exactly 😊
            Great minds think alike 😉

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          Oh, the possibilities are endless. LeBigTed has a lot of great ideas. Here are some of my ideas:

          1. Team-based Medevac missions - in recent combat zones (Iraq and Afghanistan), no MH-60 Medevac mission left the FOB without x2 AH-64D Gunships going out in support. This is how it was in '09 in Nangarhar/Pech/Korengal/Watapur, etc. The majority of these missions were secondary to a TIC (troops in contact) and the ground forces were actively engaged by enemy fire. This would be like Ted said, an escort mission. You get the call for medevac, a waypoint is placed on the map, and the team goes after the wounded to bring them back to the CSH (combat support hospital).
          - with this, the individual troops in/out of the helos will have to have good AI. Scenario: the helo hits the ground, the flight medic gets out and goes to the wounded. If the area is too hot, the bird takes off and loiters in the AO, then returns when there is a lull in the fighting to pick them up. Then returns to the base for further medical treatment. During all the this, the sortie is under attack, the attack helos must defend the medevac bird. The attack helos need to have a FLIR option to identify heat signatures in the trees, etc.

          2. Attack teams - an AH-64D has 2 pilots, the one in the front is the gunner and the one in the back drives the helo. Having 2 different players do this would be cool... or awful depending.

          3. SAR - this is a MUST for any HELO game with PVE. I like the way Ted put it with the non-combat SAR after a tsunami. This would require the helos to have hoist capabilities--eg., hover over the rescued person and have the crew chief hoist down and get them while you, the pilot, maintains a hover. To add additional "coolness" to this aspect, having the crew chief still in the bird giving directions to the pilot on where to adjust to keep the hoist on target.

          4. I like the idea of firefighting, but I think it would be boring. What would be the incentive?

          5. SAR of downed A/C with pilot E&E-ing - just like Ted said before. I like the idea.

          I think one of the biggest challenges here is going to be the AI of the computer helos, making them competitive.

          I'm sure I'll come up with more stuff later. This is all I have for now.

          I am more of a 1-player game type of guy. Online PVP is not usually my forte. I LOVE the idea of PVE. Keep it up guys.


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            Open voice Discord chat some time to discuss options for PVE?


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              Heck YES! That's what my friend and I have been looking forward to and hoping it would eventually be added. Just need some AI helicopters in addition to the ground aspect and just a couple of friends could team up against the opposing AI force. Anything would be welcome!


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                In PVE there should be some sort of rescue, let's say your scout gets shot down he can crash lands and you can land mechanics to repair so that he gets 10% for half a minute to land back at base and repair