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    Hi guys !!

    I am back, even if I have some serious issues with my computer, I am still following carefully the improvments of one of my favourites games ;o)

    Here comes another idea: Rayne, Mindoug, Itold, we all know you are active on Steam, so have you ever think about creating an official steam group (maybe it already exists idk..), that steam players could join.

    People joining that group could receive gifts such as specific community rewards if the community reaches 1000 subscribers, 10.000, 100.000, etc... Payday's Dev have been doing that for a while, I remember I have been one of the first players to join the group, and offently they put some free contents to attract players from the steam's community. I think (maybe...) to share with the community some free and exclusive contents (badges, helmets...) can really attract players, especially if you add some fun stuff... and if you give to the community some objective that it can reach into the next weeks, months... it can help the game to be more popular as people will talk with their contacts to join the community's game to get exclusive contents.

    What do you think about this idea ??? I hope there is something here you could take into your advantage ;o)

    Cheers !

    and congratulations for the last updates, the work there is just awesome, you gave us the habit to wait some really good stuff and each time it goes more an more amazing, funny, crazy !!!! I will add some new lines to my steam notation to help the game ;o)

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