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Suggested changes for Frontline Competitive in respect to Camping

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  • Suggested changes for Frontline Competitive in respect to Camping

    I've just completed a 20-minute or so run in which I greatly upset my opponents - and to be fair, my own team - by deploying multiple teams of MANPAD soldiers near to and next to the enemy FOB. Camping/legitimate tactic/display of skill - doesn't matter what you call it, such a tactic *always* leads to hurt feelings, flame-typing wars of doom, angry players and a turndown in people wanting to play. So, I've come with a proof and what I think is a helpful and interesting solution. At all times, I appreciate the game is in Alpha (Beta?) or at least not 1.0 and this is by no means a criticism of Jetcat - really love what you've done with the game and have been into it for a long time.


    ​So the images show how close I was able to get to the NATO FOB without receiving much fire (didn't FOBs used to fling out a lot more? - side point) and I was able to deploy a total of 12 MANPADs near enough to the base that the NATO players, understandably, quit the game rather than go through the laborious process of finding them and wiping them out. My own team objected to this - which was nice to see, to be honest - as you can see in the chat.

    ​While I know there is room for such a tactic - indeed, I think a way should be found to allow it - currently it does nothing more than upset folks.

    My suggested solutions:

    1. ​An invisible area of non-deployment of troops - the simplest, simply disallow opposing players from dropping chaps near the base. It's an old one but effective.
    2. ​Give the FOBs defence teams! Patrolling soldiers, vehicles, a mortar pit - once those nasty MANPADs or RPGs reveal their position OR if said patrolling chaps find them, much pewpew will happen and one has more immersive gaming for players.

    ​I would also like to suggest that Rifleman be a subtype of deployable infantry for helicopters - these guys would be deployed to root out hard-to-spot enemy deployed infantry or perhaps engage a LZ on foot?

    ​Thank you for your time and please continue all the excellent work on Heliborne.

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    I like your second idea and Itold talked about patrolling soldiers in discord. Maybe this will happen.