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  • Tonkin Map Borders

    Perhaps I posted in the wrong place, so I'm re-posting it here.

    I have read twice now that map borders on Tonkin have been expanded. I don't know where you're talking about, but the one that really needs it hasn't been touched.
    It is a real pain to attack LZ 1. The borders are ridiculously close to the zone and patrol boats are outside the borders. The north side of the little island NW of the LZ is outside the border and there are usually troops there that we can't attack without running off the map . Please, can we have another km to the north and to the east. The photo say's it all.
    Thank you in advance, Ray
    As you can plainly see, I am just approaching the zone and am aready off the map. We need more room to manouver around LZ 1. Here is a view from the north side of the island. Approaching from here would be ideal when attacking LZ1.
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