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  • New Idea ???

    Hi Team, Rayne, iTold, Kastus, Mindoug and the others !!!

    I first hope you are all well, there is along time i haven't written something, but i am still checking the news and following the game with strong interest !!! Funny to find some goood old guys like MeinPanda still messing around the HB sky !!! And I know the fantastic pilot Jasp is still following the game's news with it's incredible creativity (btw very nice manual m8 and i hope your family is well too ;o)

    So I continue to enjoy more and more the game it's fantastic to see that you just CAN NOT play a game 2 times, it's always chnging ;o) PVP is fun and PVE really great !!! Moreover much more pilots now so much more games with amazing guys.

    >> I have a question (and maybe an idea, but i am sure you have already thought about this eventuality):
    Is there any way to grind faster ? I mean, i would like to get more medals, so i would like to use the high end generations choppers, with all the stuff unlocked. But as I can not play very offently and a very long time, it is hard for me to go to the latest chopers. Do you have ever considered to make offers for players to buy some stars ? I mean in exemple 500 stars 1€, 3000 stars 5€, 15000 stars 10€, or something like that ??? Thus people like me could buy some stars and unlock faster their favourite helos, with all the weapons they want. For Jetcats, that means more money, and for players the possibility to go faster to the final generation ;o)

    Let me know your feedback on this idea, have you ever thought about it ? what could be the offers ?? I tell you that i am ready to put 10 more bucks into that game to get more stars (i am following the skin packs but nothing i would buy at the moment ;o) and i think that could interest people ;o)

    Be fair guys if you haven't thought about this send me a commission on the stars packs you will sell !! XD ;o)

    >> Another thing I have constated during gameplay
    i have the feeling that other players (with better computer) can see me from a bigger distance if they use the longest range view. So when i can see them it's too late and offently i get shot down before having seen the ennemy... I play with the lowest distance as my FPS are low (old computer, all in lowest resolution & lowest distance) so i can not see other players from long distance. Am I doing something wrong or is their some inequality with the range view for gameplay ?

    >> Wil Steal achievments come and what will they be ?? (I want the Gouranga and another achievment for a under bridge low pass ;o)

    Awaiting to read your answers guys, and congratulations for the last event ! I got the patch !! (i couldn't get the helmet, it was too difficult, but i think with a Gen4 squadron it would have been easier)

    Happy Chopping ;o);o)

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    Hey Ted,
    my family is fine, thx!

    Can you give me a link to one of your posts in steam forum?

    Please no "pay for progress" stuff.

    Yes. View distance really has an effect on everything
    I've got the same issue on my helicopter. I've the same issue. That's why I lowered everything but the view distance. It's on the highest setting on my machine.

    I don't think there're plans to add our great achievemnt ideas in near future. :-(

    Nice that you still play the game. I've almost no time but as you already saw I'm still watching thus thing closely!

    So far, Jasp

    Ps.: Link me your steam name or steam profile please!


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      Forget what I wrote about steam achievements. Itold wants to have them in next or the one after the next update


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        The first batch of Steam Achievements comes in the next update Will add more of them later on.


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          Btw. Rayne left the team. :-(