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  • Hi and bye

    Dear developers Diana, Kastus and Itold,
    thx for having started this great project with many pleasing design decisions. Looks like you always prefer the difficult way to move your way fulfilling your vision of heliborne. (I hope this sentence makes some sense in english)

    And thx for working together with the community with your cool (great) community managers
    dear Mindoug and Rayne, it's been a pleasure!
    Especially Mindoug for being around a lot in the game (in EU times) and jumping in for testing and trying - and being a tough enemy!

    And most of all thx for all the fun I've had playing, testing and discussing the game with you and the fantastic community, namely LeBigTed, Nixod321, Panda, Miss Nemesis, Lucious and many more that didn't find the way into this forum (Knödel Knödler / Kartoffel for example).

    Heliborne has been my no 1 free time project for about one year!

    As usual, here comes the «WHY!?» part:

    I'll leave the train here. I already had almost no time to play on computer the last weeks (can't say anything about new groundforce behavior). Honestly I'll have absolute no time the next year (woot!)! My second child will be born in january and I don't want to miss one second at home. I make a 180 and cancel all forum subscriptions and leave discord.

    I'll miss throwing harsh critique at you! :-P

    Likely I'll come back in 2018 and I'm looking forward to play a grown version of heliborne without knowing what's in it! I'm curious whether heliborne will have been released or not. If not my prophecy «J4sp's perfect heliborne experience 2018» comes true!

    I wish you all the best and expect to see you in the future, in the skies!

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    Wow, Jasp, that's unexpected and a bit sad. At the same time I'm happy that we have such a great community that makes me sad when somebody leaves, even temporary. Thanks for all your contribution, you've been one of those who was shaping Heliborne all that time. And thanks for being a great buddy as well We all, and me particularly, will miss you a lot.

    I respect the reason why you decided to stop playing for now. Family should always be a priority. (And I'm happy it's not because I accidentally deleted all your posts on forums ). Wish you a very happy time with your second child!

    See you later, Jaspy! Tschus! )


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      Hey Jasp,

      it's sad to see you go, but I can totally understand your decision. Private life (family) is always top priority.
      I wish you all the best for you and your family.

      until then, Jasp.


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        Hi Jasp,

        It is sad, and you will miss a lot as you are a great contributor, sharing ideas, helping players, always fair and respectful, you are a genuine community manager !! Of course I wish to you and your family all the best (health, prosperity, love, happyness, money, good time together...), I know what a child is and understand your decision.

        I am sure we will see you back, and you will not be forget, I promise it ;o)

        Hats off for our Gentleman Jasper !

        I wish you all the best,

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          Goodbye Jasp,

          The forums will certainly be a lonely place without their biggest contributor, so I hope to see you back around soon.

          See you again in 2018!


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            Thank you all for your kind words, that doesn't make it easy!
            I'll miss you for sure!

            See you in 2018!

            over and out.


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              It's gonna be a bit colder around here without you Jasp. Thank you for everything! We'll see you! Fly Safe.