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Pictures for Heliborne manual/guide

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  • Pictures for Heliborne manual/guide

    I will write my picture requests at discord. Please upload them here. By uploading into this thread you give me the permission to use the pictures in my guide. Everyone that helps me will be named at the credits of the guide.

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    Hi Jasp,

    You can use all the pictures i have made for the screenshot contest or uploaded here @Jetcatgamesforum, you know they are here in a thread ;o)
    There are some others on my Steam account, you have the adress of my profile as we are friends there so feel free to use what you want !!!
    (I think I have told it to you earlier if I have a good remember, but if not or anyway i wanted to write it here in this thread that you can do it ;o)

    Could you please copy/paste what you are asking @Discord, i will be very happy to do some pictures for your helpfull manual.

    Best wishes bro !

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      Hey Ted, I didn't forget that and used some of your pics for the latest article on I've now two articles on that page that became "article of the week" and I'm writing news on "".

      Right now I could use a picture showing the modular Damage System "active".


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        Just in case you didn't see it yet, here is the manual:


        I still don't get notifications for posts here. I'm jumping in if I find time. I'm still planing to be more active (and playing) in2018