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  • Sadly on Hiatus

    Hey guys

    I wasn't particularly active on the forums but a few of you might know me from ingame or the streams.
    Sadly I have been rather busy the last 2 months and not been around too much. I was hoping to be able to return to the game in August again but sadly that won't be possible either as for the next 6months I will move to Ireland and lack the time (and computer as my 8 year old laptop struggles to run Sid Meiers Pirates :/ ) to play.
    I wish you guys all the best in development and gameplay and hope this game grows well and continues its good path. And hopefully I will then return in 6 months to a well established game (that also has British helicopters^^).

    All the best to you all (especially to Rayne and Mindoug who I regularly met on stream or ingame),


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    I wish you a nice time!

    I'm traveling too soon: I'll be in the USA for two months (starting in two weeks)(I live in Berlin) and have almost no time to play since I have a baby here! I hope I have more time to play in 2018.

    And what's planned on my side is a new gaming laptop to be bought in 2018.