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"New" PvE map Khost

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  • "New" PvE map Khost

    This is for everyone who played PvE only and is curious about the next big PvE map "Khost".

    It'll be part of the next "Big Coop/PvE update."
    Let me quote Itold just in case someone missed this:
    [It] Will include new coop map or maps (either khost or khost and night kosovo), new types of missions, changes to existing maps, changes to existing coop mechanics, new types of behaviour for your friendlies and enemies. Also we want to adjust difficulty settings. We probably will leave existing Easy and Medium settings as they are, but we want to have really hard and difficult coop setting, which is truly difficult for 4-6 players to finish.

    Name: Khost
    Region: Afghanistan
    Size: 8x8 km (Other maps are 3x3 and 6x6)
    Generation: 3
    Modus: Frontline

    This is Heliborne's biggest map so far. It was the fifth map that Diana Leer made for Heliborne and it was released for PvP with the update 0.36 in May 2016. This was before the squadron system was implemented with 0.39 and door gunners which came with 0.45.2.
    For some of us who were actively playing Heliborne in its early access phase this map isn't new at all. But for everyone who is used to play Gen 3 on "Basakshkan Province" with domination mode and a size of 3x3 km - this map will totally change your Gen 3 experience.
    Nuff said, here are some pictures:
    Layout Khost In-game screenshot Khost