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Maybe a bug ???

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  • Maybe a bug ???

    Hi guys !!!

    I have maybe found something interesting.. I was playing with the Banana on the 1st Generation Vietnam map, when I dropped troops on the deck (Base 4 or 5, in the middle). Under fire, i had to take off quickly, so i pushed 'Z' and'Space' and one mortar troop came back into the chopper. I couldn't drop it anywhere after that. I had to go back to base and wait to reload troops. Is there something that you have heard about ???

    Regardig something that is no about bugs and support, i put a new spoiling screenshot on my Steam profile: you can kill a tank with your helo's wreck if it crash on it !!!! I did it ;o)

    Check !!


    Ted lbt_tgr

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    Is there something that you have heard about ???
    No, never seen that. Output_log.txt would be really helpful in this case.

    you can kill a tank with your helo's wreck if it crash on it
    This is what I also do occasionally))


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      Hi Mindoug,

      I sent it to

      I hope you will find there what you need ;o)



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        Ok I can tell you more about that bug:

        When you deploy a mortar there is 2 guys. Then Full throttle, I type Z + SPACE to go back. Typing Z the mortar guys come back. Only 1 made it to the chopper and went back on board, the second just disappeared.

        Here a screenshot where you can see I have "1" mortar (1 guy, normally, with 2 guys in a mortar platoon, you should see 2, 4, 6 depending on if you have 1, 2, 3 mortars on board)

        I confirm you can't deply that guy (T key doesn't work)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	20170208230254_1.jpg
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        Mindoug I have the last output_log.txt, I send it to you through PM

        Good luck ;o)

        Last edited by LeBigTed; 02-10-2017, 11:19 PM. Reason: Add a suggestion : instead of Z key to bring back troops (that key is also used for throttle), maybe choose R to 're-take' them on board them (like reloading), why not ???