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Heliborne Basics: Squadron Creation

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  • Heliborne Basics: Squadron Creation

    In this Guide, we are going to show you how to create and use "Squadrons" in Heliborne.

    When you first log in to the game, you'll be introduced to the lobby screen,

    From this screen you can do the following,
    1. Create New Battle
    2. Join a Battle In Progress
    3. Go to the Hangar
    4. Select the Squadron List
    Now, for the purpose of this guide, we want to create, or edit our squadrons in order to have them set up for any battle that we choose to go in to. You have a few options, in the screens below,
    1. You can Select the "Hangar" Button and then "Create Squadron" once in the Hangar
    2. Select Create or Join Battle and then "Edit" or "Create Squadron"
    3. Or, Select "Squadron" List and then "Create New Squadron" or "Edit"
    Once you're on the Squadron Creation Screen, which will look like this,

    You have a range of options to create and edit your Squadron. Firstly,we'll want to look at the "Squadron Construction" section.

    In this section we can select the "Generation" of Helicopters we want to see in the Helicopter Selection bar at the bottom of the screen. You can select the Generations by clicking on any button marked "Generation." When you do this, only helicopters that fit that generation will be available to be selected for your squadron. This section also shows the Squadron name area which you can edit by left clicking and typing in the name you wish for your Squadron. Finally, we can see "Squadron Cost" with a number and an orange star. This represents your total "point value" for creation of your squadron.

    Next, we'll want to take a look at the "Helicopter Modifications" section, which looks like this,

    In this section you can get basic info on the selected Helo, as well as see it's Armament Options and the point values for those Armament Options. In this example, we can see the Mi-1MU has two loadouts. One for 10 points which is the default, and one for 35 points which is an optional loadout. These loadouts will change the point value of the helicopter in your squadron, so be sure and keep an eye on your point total.

    You also have the option to select the troop loadout of any helo that can carry troops by clicking on the "Troopers" button in the Helicopter Modifications screen. This button will change the panel section to display all the "seats" you have on the selected helo as well as the point values and types of special operations soldiers you can deploy. Currently, there are MANPAD and SMAW soldiers. MANPAD Soldiers are deployed and focus on Anti-Air operations. SMAW Soldiers when deployed, focus on Anti-Vehicle operations. The Trooper loadout screen looks like this,

    Lastly, when we're ready to add a helicopter to the Squadron, we simply click on it's portrait located in the bottom of the screen and click "Add".

    Once you have the helos you want, along with their loadouts and troopers and have either used up all 3 slots or all of your points. You're done and good to go! Simply return to the lobby by selecting the "Maps" button up at the top of the screen. When you're ready to join a battle, click on "select battle" or "create battle" if you're creating one. Once that's done, you'll see you pre-battle squadron selection panel.

    Left click on the squadron you want to take in to battle, then click on "Join Battle" and you're all set.

    We hope this guide is helpful and welcome any feedback or questions you might have.
    Team JetCat

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    Nice stuff here !!

    I am sure it will helps a lot of new gamers. Well done Rayne ;o)